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The SCA Barista Skills Foundation course focuses on the key skills required to set a grinder, make espresso and foam, and texture milk for cappuccinos. This course allows one to gain an introductory understanding of the coffee itself and set a foundation from which to build practical skills for milk technique and latte art, while implementing health and safety practices and customer service.

Barista Skills Foundation (5 Credits) 
1. Coffee Beans : Different between Arabica and Robusta
2. Espresso Process: Grind, Dose, Tamp
3. Extraction & Brewing
4. Milk Foaming Techniques
5. Espresso Based Menu
6. Water Quality
7. Workspace Management & Workflow
8. Cleaning, Health & Safety
9. Customer Service & Café Management

The Barista Skills Intermediate course builds on the concepts and skills introduced in the Foundation course. It is ideal for someone who has barista skills experience and wants to explore how to improve coffee quality and prepare for more complex job functions found in the barista profession. Through this interactive course, learners will gain a deeper understanding of the coffee itself, specifically the impact of a coffee’s variety, origins and processing methods on flavor; the parameters of coffee quantity, grind texture, water quality and shot time and their interaction when dialing in a brew recipe; drink construction and taste differences; workflow management and efficiency, sensory aspects of the espresso extraction; milk handling and techniques as well as latte art. In addition to coffee preparation, this course also covers key concepts regarding health and safety, customer service and basic business practices.

Barista Skills Intermediate (10學分) 

1. Origin's Impact on Flavor
2. Processing Methods and Their Impact on Flavor & Body
3. Roast Degree’s Impact in Coffee Solubility & Density
4. Espresso Process: Grind, Dose, Tamp
5. Extraction and Brewing
6. Strength and Extraction in Espresso Brewing
7. SCA Flavor Wheel Terminology for Description of Aroma & Flavor Attributes Of Espresso
8. Basics of Milk (Milk Composition, Foam Quality and Stability)
9. Different Brewing and Latte Art Technique
10. Workspace Management & Workflow
11. Cleaning, Health & Safety
12. Customer Service & Café Management

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Course Fee
SCA Certification and and CSP Course Skill Report included
Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
21 Hours
No. of person
2-4 Persons

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