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SCA Certification and and CSP Course Skill Report included


Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong


21 Hours


Please contact to 67695215 (Janet Mok) 

The Roasting Intermediate course builds upon the introductory concepts of the Foundation course. It is ideal for someone who has roasting and desires to gain a deeper understanding of the roast profile, how the profile relates to color, the relationship between roast profile and sensory expression, and the impact of development time. Learners will further explore the physical and chemical changes as well as basic thermodynamics and heat transfer that occurs during the roast. Thereafter there will be an introduction to sample roasting and a review of safety and maintenance protocols in the roasting plant. A written exam tests intermediate course knowledge while a practical exam assesses the learner’s ability to roast correctly and remove the coffee at the correct color using a reference, while accurately completing the roast log form. 


Roasting Intermediate 


 Measurements and Variables Supporting the Roast


 Heat and Temperature’s Impact on the Profile

 Documenting the Roast

 Color - Measuring and Importance

 Roast to Color

 Sensory Analysis - Impact on Flavor and Color

 Recognizing and Documenting

 Cupping for Green vs for Profile

 Relationship between Development Time and Flavor

 Relationship between Profile and Roast Color



 Chemical and Physical Changes during Roasting

 Rate of Rise (RoR) Basics and Projection

 Changes in Weight and Volume Basics, Calculation

 and Comparison

 Changes in Size, Density and Moisture


 Drum and Fluid Roasters

 Basic of Thermodynamics of Coffee Roasting

 Heat Transfer


 Purpose of Sample Roasting Program

 Types of Sample Roasters

 Process and Sensory Evaluation of Samples


 Preventive and Maintenance Protocols

 Health and Safety

 Green and Roasted Coffee Storage Conditions


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