About Us

Miss J Square Story

"Miss" is the meaning of missing. We hope that we can become a cup of coffee that everyone will never forget, and always think of our coffee! When you hear our name “Miss J Square”, you may think of a title “Miss” but it is not the real meaning. “Miss J Square” s meaning is that we share our great coffee and you would miss our coffee. Also, we want to spread out the coffee culture so that we always encourage our classmates to taste variety of coffee and share their coffee experience. In the future, we hope that "Miss J Square" coffee can be a cup of coffee you never forget! We are looking to hear you say “I miss your coffee”.


We offer a variety of coffee courses from interest classes to professional course. Let the public understand coffee from different level to spread and expand the coffee culture. We provide fresh roasted coffee bean and coffee products. We would like to bring you a fresh and healthy coffee.