Outdoor Cold Brew Bag Package (3 Packs)

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Product Code: BEAN Outdoor Cold Brew Coffee Bag Package
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In this hot and sweaty summer, nothing is better than a glass of cold brew coffee.

Price:$148 / 3 packs
(3 selective coffee, 
each bag contains 20g coffee powder inside)

☆Flavor: e.g. Winey, Nutty, Fruity, Floral 

☆One of House Blend included randomly as below

《The Emperor》

※ Medium Dark Roast

※ Roasted Almond (烤杏仁), Dark Chocolate (黑巧克力), Caramel (焦糖)

《The Sun》

※ Light to Medium Roast

※ Floral (花香)、Tropical Fruit (熱帶水果)、Cacao (可可)


※ Medium Roast

※ Vanilla (香草), Caramel (焦糖), Milk Chocolate (牛奶朱古力)

(Product photo is for reference only)


1. 撕開冷萃包頂部 (Tear off the top of the cold brew bag)

2. 注入200ml左右的"室溫水" (水粉比例 1:10) (Pour around 200ml of luke warm water, ratio 1:10)

3. 放入雪櫃冷凍8-10小時 (put inside the fridge and let it sit for 8-10 hours or over-night)

4. 翌日可以扭開蓋倒出享用! (Enjoy~) (unscrew the cap and enjoy~)

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