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SCA Certification and and CSP Course Skill Report included
Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
21 Hours
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1-4 Persons

Please contact to 67695215 (Janet Mok) 

The SCA Sensory Skills Professional course to align the student with industry coffee and sensory standards. To prepare them for running sensory evaluation in a coffee business. To acquire the skills required to start identifying and evaluating qualities in specialty green coffee, and to accurately measure and describe coffee beverage characteristics. Students will learn to generate repeatable and methodical sensory measurements of coffee, and learn how to interpret results. 

Sensory Skills Professional 

1.       What is Sensory Analysis?

2.       Anatomy & Physiology of Sensation

3.       Taste and Textures in the context of coffee

4.       Focus on different acidity qualities in water and in coffee

5.       Focus on different bitter qualities

6.       Aromas and Flavors in the context of coffee

7.       Detecting Low Sensorial Qualities in Coffee - Defect and Taint

8.       Coffee Profiling - Descriptive vs Qualitative Analysis

9.       Running A Cupping Session and Tasting the Diversity of Coffee

10.    Sensory Panel and Calibration

11.    Cultivating a Professional Sensory Facility

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