SCA Brewing Intermediate

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  • SCA Brewing Intermediate
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A special time scheduleplease contact us to make arrangements.

Course Fee
SCA Certification and and CSP Course Skill Report included
Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
21 Hours
No. of person
1-4 Persons

Please contact to 67695215 (Janet Mok)

SCA Brewing Intermediate course covers a wide range of topics, including an exploration of the brewing process in terms of device, extraction order and wetting; the essential elements of brewing and their individual influence on the final cup; the scientific method of measuring and charting coffee strength and extraction; the analysis of brewed coffee and adjustments to consider in order to deliver a delicious, well balanced cup.

SCA Brewing Intermediate

1. Grinder Burr Types
2. 7 Essential Elements of Brewing
3. Effect of Grinding on Flavor and Extraction
4. Identify the impact of roast level on flavor
5. Identify the key aspects of water quality
6. Coffee to Water Ratio
7. How to use the SCA Ratio Brewing Control Chart
8. The Extraction Sequence of the Brewing process
9. Analyze the Changes in Flavor at Different Brewing Stages
10. Strength vs Extraction Rate - Brew Analysis and How to Achieve Balanced Brew 

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